Friday, December 29, 2006

"Swedmilk Makedonija" to purchase milk from 5.000 farmers

The foundation stone of the new dairy plant "Swedmilk Makedonija" was laid today.

The foundation stone of the new milk production facility located next to Belimbegovo farm was laid by the Director General of "Swedmilk Makedonija", Roger Oscarson and the Macedonian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski.

According to the announcements, as much as 15 million euros will be invested in the first construction stage.

Upon completion of the object, about a hundred workers are planned to be employed. The management of Swedmilk Makedonija also unveiled plans for concluding agreements for milk purchase with as many as 5.000 local milk producers that will provide raw material for daily processing of 250 tons of milk.

Expressing gratitude to the Macedonian Government for the unselfish support, Oscarson stressed that Swedmilk Makedonija is not seeking for any privileges.

"Our ambition is to become a leading competitor at the dairy products market, and we will pursue that goal in line with the highest EU quality standards", Oscarson said.

"We are investing in Macedonia because we see clear business opportunities and strong potential for development of the milk industry", he added.

Extending wishes for successful operation, PM Gruevski said that such investments are always welcomed since they create new jobs and enable the local farmers to develop household business.

Vice-Prime Minister, Zoran Stavrevski, pointed out that putting into operation of the dairy plant will eliminate the danger of new milk crises in Macedonia.

Swedish Government holds 30% of the Swedmilk Macedonia's stake.

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This is perfect for the citizens,farmers & technologists too.