Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Skopje and Belgrade for "acceptable solution" on Kosovo

Macedonia and Serbia are committed to mutually acceptable solution on Kosovo, which would bring stability to the region.

This was announced by the Macedonian and Serbian Foreign Ministers, Antonio Miloshoski and Vuk Draskovic, during their talks in Belgrade today.

Minister Miloshoski, who kicked off an on-day visit to Serbia on Monday, said Macedonia wants the issue of Kosovo to be resolved in "best way possible".

Serbian Minister Draskovic, on his part, said that the best solution on Kosovo would be the one that will not bring "a feeling of humiliation to anyone", and would not give anyone the right "to declare himself a winner".

The two ministers confirmed the exceptionally good relations, sharing the stance that no open problems stand between the two countries, and announced opening of new border crossings, Serbian State Television (RTS) reported.

According to the announcement, the Serbian Parliament Speaker, Predrag Markovic, who also met with Macedonian Foreign Minister, had somewhat different view on the Serbian-Macedonian relations.

According to Markovic, although there are no rifts between the two countries, there are some open issues. He added, nonetheless, that both countries are standing ready to step up the bilateral cooperation.

Markovic and Miloshoski jointly called for bridging the disagreements between the Serbian and Macedonian Orthodox Church.

"It is an obligation of the state authorities to encourage the Churches to reach a solution on the problem", says the announcement released after the meeting of the Serbian Parliament Speaker and the Macedonian Foreign Minister.

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