Thursday, December 07, 2006

Zarevski retains position of T-Mobile's manager

The incumbent manager of T-Mobile Macedonia, Rubinco Zarevski, has no intention to step down from his post in the wake of accusations for having committed a serious crime in 2003.

At today's press briefing in T-Mobile, Zarevski said he is retaining the post because share-holders had not asked for his resignation, as prescribed in his managerial contract. Responding to a journalist's question, Zarevski said although he obviously felt discomfort by the manner the authorities investigated him over the past two days, the Police treated him correctly.

Zarevski was accused that during his tenure of Director of Healthcare Fund back in 2003 had illegally concluded a harmful procurement contract, inflicting 26.000 worth of damages. On Thursday, an investigative judge ruled that no grounds for ordering temporary detention to Zarevski existed.

His lawyer hinted at a possibility of filing a suit against the state and the Police on the detention procedure.

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