Tuesday, January 30, 2007

$12 mln. loss for "Halliburton" from US embassy in Macedonia

United States (US) company "Halliburton" reported loss in net income for the last quarter of 2006 of $520 million in regards to the same period in 2005, and the losses include the building of US Embassy in Macedonia.

"Halliburton" is second world's oil trader, and its daughter companies as "Kellogg Brown and Root" (KBR), operate with businesses financed by US administration, cooperating mostly with the Pentagon and the State Department.

The company recorded net income of $658 million before tax in the last quarter of 2006, which is significantly less than the $1,1 billion in 2005 or $1,04 billion in 2004 for the same period of the year.

Among the loss-making business stated are $9 million losses in Nigeria and "$12 million loss in the project of US Embassy in Macedonia", reported on Friday Bloomberg television on its website.

KBR is Pentagon's largest supplier in Iraq, 6th by the size of business that operates with the army and is under heavy criticism from the Democratic Party due to close relations of the company with American vice-president Dick Cheney, who was placed in "Halliburton's" top 1995-2000.

Foundations of the new US Embassy in Macedonia were laid out last year, after Macedonia previously sold US land near the most prominent location in Skopje, the middle-ages "Kale" fortress.

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