Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Czech investments in Macedonia and Western Balkan on rise

The companies and real estate in Macedonia and other Balkan's countries are big hit among Czech investors, while the campaign of the Macedonian Government has been described as "a good business move".

After "discovering" Croatia, Czech businessmen are now turning to Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, Prague's media report.

The local experts qualified the campaign promoting Macedonia as a business paradise with low taxes and simplified company registration procedures as "a good business move".

"It might prove to be a good move, however, we are talking about an unstable developing market, therefore, I would recommend to our citizens to find a partner who is well acquainted with local situation", said Petr Wosmik, head of a big real estate agency based in Czech Republic.

Czech businessmen focus their interest in coastal region of Montenegro, i.e. in Serbian machinery production industry.

Due to low prices, Czechs are buying property on a massive scale in Balkans, report Czech agencies specialized in purchasing property abroad.

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