Monday, January 08, 2007

Ambassador Mihov: No Chaos with Bulgarian Visas

Skopje. The Bulgarian Ambassador to Macedonia HE Miho Mihov denounced the information that appeared in the Macedonian media for chaos in front of the diplomatic representative offices in Skopje and Bitola in connection with issuing of entry visas for Bulgaria. He was positive that there was no chaos and a good organization for issuing of visas existed. Mihov thanked to the Macedonian security forces for the provided order in front of the embassy building.
“There is no chaos in issuing of Bulgarian visas because there is a chaos in places where there is lack of order. There is order at the Bulgarian Skopje embassy. Of course our diplomatic representatives in Skopje and Bitola are with overburdened regime because of issuing transit entry visas”, he said. “This is our responsibility to the EU and there are strict requirements and rules that are built on the principle of order, check and trust”, HE Mihov stated.

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