Sunday, January 21, 2007

Apprehended suspect of murdering 75-year old woman

A suspect for the murder of 75-year old Anka Pogjanin from Tetovo was apprehended on Friday.

As reported by Makfax correspondent, on Friday Xhemaili D (38) from Tetovo was located and apprehended by the Police as suspect for Pogjanin's murder.

According to Police information, on the critical day, Xhemaili engaged in conversation with Pogjanin and after discovering she was not able to return home, tried to rape her. Pogjanin fought back and while trying to silence her, X. D. broke her neck.

The Police pressed criminal charges against Xhemaili D. for murder, and it is expected investigating judge to rule custody.

The accused is known perpetrator and has been sentenced for theft, robbery and sexual offences.

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