Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bulgaria Demands Explanation from Macedonia

A note to Macedonia, send by Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry, concerning the anti-Bulgarian acts of violence on January 13 critisizes Macedonian officials.

Kosio Kitipov, head of Europe 1 department in the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry was summoned yesterday by Macedonia's Ambassador to Bulgaria Abdurahman Aliti.

Unfortunately he did not say a word to the waiting journalists on leaving Bulgaria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The note given to Aliti insists that the Macedonian authorities take all necessary measures against the guilty in the violent incident and the prevention of such incidents in the future.

On Saturday night a crowd of men, carrying rocks and sticks, attacked the Bulgarians who had gathered to pay tribute to the memory of the Bulgarian revolutionary Mara Buneva in Skopje. The attackers shouted "Die Bulgarians, die!" and "Bulgarians - Tatars".

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