Monday, January 22, 2007

Bulgaria Joins Europe By Force, Skopje Municipality Councilor Declares

Skopje. The accident that took place on Saturday cannot be considered as vandalism, but is pure violence and I am really not sure if it must be charged. Bulgarians beat up Macedonians at the Jane Sandanski’s grave, Georgi Marjanovic said at yesterday’s session of the Municipality Council in the town of Skopje, quoted by the Nova Makedonija newspaper.
He added: “They expressed their violent attitude and probably that is why they joined Europe. Our boys, who beat up the Bulgarians, have possibly believed that they will contribute to Macedonia’s accession to the EU.”
According to him, a country may join Europe only by force. If the situation was just the other way round, Macedonia must have been part of it yet in 1992, because Macedonia was the only country of the former Yugoslavia that managed to detach itself without any incidents. My statement may be accepted ironically or seriously but I really believe that it is true, the municipality councilor said.

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