Sunday, January 21, 2007

Slovenian embassy - NATO's contact embassy for Macedonia

The embassy of Slovenia informed the public on Wednesday that after 1 January 2007 it takes over the role of NATO's Contact embassy for Macedonia in the following two years.

Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dimitrij Rupel, on the occasion will hold a reception in Skopje hotel "Aleksandar Palas", to be attended by representatives of Macedonian Government, international organizations and other civil society organizations.

The Republic of Slovenia, as Macedonia's friend, acclaims this decision and states its pleasure from the fact that, in the following two years, Slovenian embassy would be NATO's Contact embassy for Macedonia, which will enable it to offer complete help in its accelerated preparations for joining the Alliance.

Slovenian embassy will have the task to organize conferences, seminars, round tables and public debates about NATO's activities, as well as the activities of Macedonia which are aimed towards its approximation towards the Alliance.

The embassy will also work on improving the awareness of Macedonian public and the state institutions regarding the NATO activities.

As it is known, NATO has contact embassies in states that are not members of the Alliance, but are part of the Partnership for Peace programme.

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