Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bulgaria presents a note for the Skopje incident

Bulgaria presented a verbal note to Macedonia on Monday because of the beating of Bulgarian citizens that participated in the tribute in front of Mara Buneva's memorial plate in Skopje on Saturday.

Bulgarian Ministry for Foreign Affairs announced that the note was presented to Macedonia's Ambassador in Sofia, Abdurahman Aliti, by the Director of the "Europe-1" Directorate, Koso Kitipov.

The note demands Macedonian authorities to take "all necessary measures in order the culprits for the case to be punished and to prevent similar incidents in the future".

In the note, expectation is stated that "Macedonian side would make rightful analysis of the incident which resulted in escalation of anti-Bulgarian sentiment and violence onto citizens of Bulgaria".

Macedonian Ambassador Aliti, as reported by Bulgarian media, stated regret for the incident and promised that Macedonian side will take measures for solving the case.

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