Monday, January 08, 2007


Bulgaria became an important country after in joined the EU but still had lots of work to do, Foreign Minister Ivailo Kalfin said.

Border control and travel were one of the things to change, Kalfin said as quoted by Focus news agency.

To facilitate visa issuing for its neighbouring countries, Bulgaria opened several new consulates, Kalfin said. Two new such already work in Nis and Bitola.

Bulgaria was accepting the important function to be an external EU border, Bulgarian ambassador to Turkey Branimir Mladenov told Bulgarian National Radio.

Mladenov said that Bulgaria had to meet two goals. It needed to exercise strict border control to take care of its EU-related duties. At the same time the country had to facilitate the procedure for citizens from its neighbouring countries, said Mladenov.

Head of chief directorate border police Krasimir Petrov said that the situation at the Bulgarian borders was getting back to normal, after the initial confusion related to the country's EU entry.

In the first days of 2007 large queues formed at Bulgarian checkpoints, since drivers were unaware of the new regulations, related to the country's EU accession.

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