Monday, January 08, 2007

Bulgarian Embassy in Skopje to Open Call Center for Visa Applicants on Monday

Skopje. On Monday, January 8 the Bulgarian embassy in Skopje will open a call center. Citizens will be able to arrange an hour for submitting visa application documents and receive information about the time their visas or passports will be ready, Bulgarian Ambassador in Macedonia Miho Mihov said in an interview with FOCUS News Agency. In this way, citizens will stop coming early in the morning outside the embassy, keeping a place in the queue and later selling it to visa applicants. The phone numbers of the call center will be announced on Monday. Mr. Mihov said the initiative was a move towards creating more facilitated procedures for visa applicants.

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Anonymous said...

It is good that EU countries are opening so called CALL CENTERS which in another word are only hot SEX lines as they charge same fees.

Only EU as pathetic it can be in format of a union can ask a family of 4 to phone 4 times and make separate applications in order the EU to earn 40-50 Eur-s.

Bearing in mind that the same imbecilic union is non conditionally demanding from non EU European countries not to require visas for its most ''civilised'' and ''higher category'' humans is telling openly and without any disguise the real nature of this union which is anything else then what is claiming to be.

Hitlers Reich was more tolerant for the Macedonians