Monday, January 08, 2007

Vreme, Macedonia: Bulgarian Style

Skopje. The crowds of people bustling outside the Bulgarian embassy in order to get visas continued on January 4, the second workday after the holidays, the Macedonian newspaper Vecer comments in an article entitled “Bulgarian style”. The introduction to the extensive article, which includes various topics about Bulgaria, stresses that the situation, in which people have to wait for visas for a country, which doesn’t recognize the Macedonian language and minority, resembles a past situation. Macedonia’s population has been mistreated “always and everywhere” since 1941, the article’s author says. “Bulgaria introduced visas for Macedonians, but there are no visas. “Macedonia released the truck drivers, who transported illegal weapons, so that they could be home during the New Year’s holidays. Meanwhile, the Macedonians who wanted to travel to Bulgaria experienced everything yesterday, but not getting visas”, the newspaper writes.
The article also discusses issues such as the Bulgarian immigrants in Great Britain, the arrested Bulgarian truck drivers, and the party of the Macedonian minority OMO Ilinden, which Bulgaria refused to register. At the end, the article cites the words of Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin at the opening of a Bulgarian Consulate General in Bitolja on December 27. He said then that a better communication between the two countries was necessary.

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