Friday, January 19, 2007

The ‘Heroes’ from the Beating in Skopje in Macedonian Internet Forums: Pride and Ignorance

Sofia. The incident, which happened during the commemoration service at the memorial plate of Mara Buneva in Skopje, when Macedonian ragamuffins beat 80-year-old people at the Vardar River bank drew the interest of the participants in the largest Macedonian Internet forum – Kajgana ( The forum teems with postings of eyewitnesses, participants and greetings for the attackers and for the police, who were so humanely stood aside, eating baked sunflower seeds and did not interfere to stop the incident from happening.
The Kajgana forum also teems with threats for the next January 13th 2008 – and with unhidden menace for Viktor Kanzurov, Miroslav Rizinski and all the rest who dared to say that these days it is risky to say that you are Bulgarian in Macedonia.
And in fact the bats, iron bars and the chains yesterday in Skopje were aimed at frightening the ones, who were waiting in huge lines in front of the Agency for Bulgarians Abroad and the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice hoping to receive documents for Bulgarian citizenship.
FOCUS translated part of the postings in the Kajgana forum, entitled (Incident in Front of the Mara Buneva Memorial Plate )

‘Well done, people, this has been planned since long ago (but was never accomplished). Well done to the people, who organized it and beat the biggest enemies of the Macedonian people, who were exalting Bulgarian spirit in the middle of Skopje. Macedonia has a future with a youth like this one, not with the cowards that my coevals used to be. GREETINGS!

Remember, next year on January 13, Bulgarians will be gathering at the river, if anyone wants lynch, бујрум (he’s welcome)!

Let the baseball bat… the hand of the person who told them how a Bulgarian minority policy is being held … is gilded!

Really, what happened? I was by accident on the bank in that moment and I was just passing on the bridge when I saw a Bulgarian flag and all of a sudden – screams, I hear these Bulgarians scream, and our guys – hit!.., beat them, but they didn’t got them so much.. but the beaten Bulgarians were short from jumping into the Vardar, they deserve it, making a fuss in the middle of Skopje, let’s see now if they will come back!

P.S. Greetings for out ‘authorities’, who acted ‘humanely’, staying aside and watching the show’… ‘…To be honest everyone was enjoying the Bulgarians – they deserved it twice more than joining the EU’.

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