Friday, January 19, 2007

What Happened Yesterday is a Logical End of the Anti-Bulgarian Propaganda

Sofia. ‘What happened yesterday is a logical ending of the Anti-Bulgarian propaganda and fury in Macedonia’, Rayna Draganova, member of the VMRO and granddaughter of Col. Boris Drangov, said in an interview for FOCUS News Agency commenting on an incident in Skopje yesterday at a commemoration ceremony at the memorial plate of Mara Buneva.’I saw a crowd of brutal boys, led by several people with red and black masks in a neat, beautiful formation, arriving armed with laths, a bat, pieces of concrete, who started to beat people – in my opinion – not randomly. They were primarily beating old people, people with double citizenship. It is very strange that police did not interfere. I find it strange that cell phones were off, none of us, who were trying to contact police, succeeded. Two policemen came after it was all over and the attackers were gone’, she said.

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