Monday, January 22, 2007

Macedonia requested extradition of Cocorovska

Minister of Justice, Mihajlo Manevski, on Thursday requested Serbian Ministry of Justice to extradite Stanislava Cocorovska Poletan.

The extradition of Cocorovska, as reported by the Ministry of Justice, was requested on a basis of the request of Principal Court Skopje II.

Necessary extradition documents were handed over to the Ministry of Justice of Serbia, in accordance with the Law on Criminal Procedure and provisions of the Agreement between Republic of Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro on legal assistance in civil and criminal cases.

Criminal Council of Belgrade Court on Wednesday rejected Cocorovska's appeal to the decision for imprisonment.

Stanislava Cocorovska Poletan owns the company "Makfut" and was arrested on the basis of international warrant issued by Skopje Court.

Belgrade Court on Wednesday announced that it would decide whether Cocorovska would be extradited after the Macedonian side submits all necessary documents.

Stanislava Cocorovska is indicted of organizing the transport of 483 kilograms of cocaine, impounded on Orthodox Christmas Eve, on "Blace" border crossing between Macedonia and Kosovo.

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