Monday, January 22, 2007

Social Democratic Union Makes It Up With Ljubco Georgievski

Skopje. Former Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski will establish his own political party, the Macedonian Vecer newspaper reported today.
The idea to establish a party came up right after he lost his leading position in the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM). The process of the party’s establishment was sped up after police arrested the former Deputy Minister of Economy Sasa Andonovski. During the government of Buckovski, Andonovski was chairman of the parliamentary commission on denationalization and yet he was accused of the denationalization of state lands. Buckovski is afraid that Sasa Andonovski’s evidence may link him to some scandals, the newspaper writes.
“Buckovski’s final goal is to establish his own political party, which to be used for political bargaining with the ruling power”, from SDSM said, declaring that the formation of a fraction in the party is unacceptable.

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