Monday, January 08, 2007

Opposition Leaders won’t Attend Meeting Organized by Nikola Gruevski

Skopje. Another attempt of Macedonia’s Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to bring together opposition leaders to a meeting failed. He wanted to discuss issues such as obligatory secondary education, amendments to the election bill and new regulations of the parliament. However, his program didn’t appeal to the opposition, the Macedonian television Kanal 5 reported. Leader of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) Radmila Sekerinska responded to Gruevski’s written invitation with a letter. She said SDSM would join a meeting only if the government withdrew a bill for amendments to the election bill, which was passed without a political consensus. Sekerinska said Gruevski’s wish for a dialogue was slam.
Leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) Ali Ahmeti also declined the invitation saying Gruevski behaved like a monarch. DUI demands that the commission on multiethnic relations be dissolved, the government be elected by the “Badenter Principle” - requiring decisions by the majority to be confirmed by the minority, the use of Albanian language be determined, Minister Sullejman Rusiti assume responsibility for the events in the University of Tetovo. Since Gruevski’s program doesn’t include any of these issues, it could not be considered to be a political dialogue, but just the government’s daily agenda, DUI said.

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