Monday, January 08, 2007

Macedonia announces 12 songs

Macedonian Radio-Television MKTV announced details about Skopje Festival 2007, which will be this year's national selection for FYR Macedonia. Twelve songs have been selected and three wildcards will be added later for a total of 15 songs that will compete on 24th of February.

On 24th February 2007 FYR Macedonia will select its participant for the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest. 15 songs will take part, 12 which have been already selected and 3 wildcards will complete the 15 acts. A day before, February 23rd, there will be a dress rehearsal. The participants will perform live and there will be a live orchestra.The twelve songs are:

1. Belo e so
2. What you gonna do
3. Kavijar i svila
4. Mojot svet
5. Epizoda
6. Vodi me
7. Ne ima
8. Peam
9. Potseti me
10. 1, 2, 3
11. Letni dozdovi
12. In the dark

Some of the performers of the songs above are Tamara Todevska, Jovan Jovanov, Elena Petreska, Gjorgi Krstevski, Karolina Goceva (2002 participant), and Robert Bilbilov & Lambe Alabakoski in a duet. The song will be sung entirely in Macedonian in Helsinki, which means that the English songs above have to present new lyrics.

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