Monday, January 22, 2007

Skopje’s Municipal Councilors Condemn Incident at Mara Buneva’s Memorial Plate, but not Unanimously

Skopje. Skopje’s municipal councilors condemned an incident, which happened on January 13, when participants in a service in memory of Mara Buneva were attacked by a group of citizens in central Skopje, the Macedonian television A1 reported. However, not all the councilors condemned the incident and the session included discussions on the issue, contrary to the expectations of Vlatko Stamatovski, municipal councilor from VMRO-DPMNE. Stamatovski said such an act of violence could not be but condemned.
“I think that as a country applying for the Euro Atlantic structures Macedonia has to condemn chauvinism”, Stamatovski said.
“Each act of violence has to be condemned, but I find it difficult to condemn this act”, Georgi Marjanovic, leader of the League for Democracy Party, said. “The guys had patriotic motives thinking that if they beat the people, Macedonia would join the EU more easily”, Marjanovic added.

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