Monday, January 22, 2007

Sofia Calls for Correction of Macedonian History

Skopje. The leader of the Bulgarian VMRO called for making corrections in the Macedonian history schoolbooks by omission of qualifications on the Bulgarian occupation during the WWII, the Macedonian agency Makfax reported.
"Removing ideology from the textbooks in order to get rid of the falsified facts about the national character of the historic figures belonging to the Bulgarian majority in the population that lived in the region of Macedonia in 1944", reads the draft-declaration tabled in the Bulgarian Parliament by the leader of the Bulgarian VMRO, Krasimir Karakachanov.
The document was tabled in response to the recent attack in Skopje against a group of Bulgarian citizens who gathered to mark the 79th anniversary of Mara Buneva's death.
Karakachanov, who uses the acronym FYROM when referring to Macedonia, demands that Bulgaria impose measures aimed at protection of the Bulgarian minority and cultural and historic heritage in Macedonia.
"Forming a commission comprised of European officials, tasked to monitor and present annual reports on the progress of the democratization process in FYROM, and reform of the repressive special services, inherited by the totalitarian Yugoslav regime", Karakachanov says.
The leader of the Bulgarian VMRO explained that Macedonia's "disrespect of the basic human rights" prompted his move.

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