Monday, January 22, 2007

What Happened at Memorial Plaque of Mara Buneva is Primitivism

Interview of Macedonian ambassador to Bulgaria Abdurahman Aliti for FOCUS Agency

QYour Excellency, what is your evaluation for the relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia?
AEven from the beginning of my mandate, when I gave evaluation for the Bulgarian-Macedonian relations I have used the term “very good”. They are even excellent considering the fact that these relations have ascending role of development.
Q Do you think there is some kind of change in the relations between the two states in the context of the latest events?
A I don’t think that the latest events could be a reason for any changes in the relations between the two states. This is an isolated event, incident for which we all have our regrets and we are working in order not to allow similar incidents to happen in future and the guilty ones should face the consequences.
Q Is it true that there are six people arrested?
A I heard that there were arrested and the police is working on identification of those who had taken part and they will face trial.
Q What is your comment about what happened on 13th January?
A Mara Buneva is a historic personality and that is why there is a memorial plaque at the Vardar Rover quay. Every normal person no matter of his/her ideological orientation, national belief should respect the people who contributed for the freedom of their own nation or for the humanity as a whole. It is anti civilized act to desecrate such a monument.
Q From what circles does the anti Bulgarian campaign come?
A The things cannot be perfect and we shouldn’t idealize them in our conversations. I have just said that the Bulgarian – Macedonian relations are excellent and I stick to that point of view. However this does not exclude separate group of people with different motives to have more different thinking from that. I do not know their motives but I am not interested in thesm at the moment. In all cases this is primitivism.
It is very important to pint out that the larger majority of the citizens and the authorities in Republic of Macedonia have positive attitude to Bulgaria and the citizens are really happy for the accomplishments of Bulgaria on its way to Euro- Atlantic integration.
Q There was willing for co-operation at level of ministers, entrepreneurs, MPs last year. Which are the real practical results from the good intentions?
A The good intentions exist. I even claim that after the general elections in Republic of Macedonia and the formation of the new Parliament and cabinet the bilateral wishes for continuation and intensification of the co-operation renewed. There is a political will and all participants in the establishment of politics and the business circles create these good intentions.
Q Do you think that there will be a solution for Kosovo's status and what the Macedonian point of view will be on that matter?
A Macedonia is interested in solving the issue with Kosovo’s status. Macedonia is not a factor that solves what that status will be. That is why Macedonia is supporting the efforts of the contact group and of the UN Special Envoy Marti Ahtisaari in this process. It is of exceptional importance for Macedonia that there should be stability in Kosovo, for democratic rule there which will have the capacity to control the situation in respect of human and national rights.

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