Friday, February 23, 2007

Jankulovska says Macedonia is active in fighting terror

Macedonia takes active approach in fighting and prevention against terrorism, Macedonian Interior Minister, Gordana Jankulovska, said today in Berlin.

"Given the global dimension of the terrorist activities and the need of joint action and prevention, Macedonia cooperates with all EU members; as well as on a bilateral level with the countries in the region; and with the international organization, in accordance with the UN Charter, international law, and the relevant international conventions and protocols", Jankulovska said today in her address before the attendants of the 10th European Police Congress.

The two-day Congress that brought together about 1.600 experts and some 20 interior and justice ministers is dedicated to the "European Security Strategy - Concepts and Technologies in the Battle against Terrorism".

Minister Jankulovska underlined that "the need of harmonization of the interest and outlining a joint strategy of the SEE countries on prevention and stamping out the threats of the international terrorism, resulted in establishing of cooperation on a multilateral level."

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