Friday, February 23, 2007

Police lays charges against two persons for malversations in property restitution

Strumica Police has laid criminal charges against R.T, 53, employed in Cadastre Office and M.P., 39, Deputy Public Attorney for Strumica area, suspected of having committed malversations in proceeding of a property restitution case.

The two are charged with power abuse, Macedonian Interior Ministry announced.

Back in 2003, M.P. issued a certificate upon submitted application for restitution of property, in which he was also listed as an interested party. The certificate contained false data on the size of the property and its identification numbers, on the basis of which the Restitution Commission approved allotment.

The secondary suspect M.P., failed to revoke the certificate although she was aware that the property in question could not be subject to restitution procedure.

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