Friday, March 30, 2007

"American Express" credit card promoted in Macedonia

One of the most prominent credit cards in the world "American Express", has been promoted today in Macedonia through the bearer of the exclusive license, Alpha Bank JSC - Skopje.

This bank has the exclusive right to issue American Express in Macedonia as well as to sign agreements with the local vendors for charging, it was announced at today's promotion.

American Express offers several favorable conditions to the Macedonian citizens, including 50-day grace period with 0% interest rate for retail payment and 5% minimum monthly repayment. The active annual interest rate is set to 15.5%.

No membership fee will be required for the first year. Furthermore, those users that would make an annual turnover of 100.000 denars will be freed from paying membership fee in the following years also. Otherwise, the membership fee is set to 1.500 denars.

The card users will have a constant access to as many as 2.200 American Express's branch offices across the world.

American Express will make an entry with eight bank machines installed at Alpha Bank branch offices throughout Macedonia. In addition, the users will be able to use the card at as many as 200 retail shops.

The bank unveiled plans for setting up as many as 1.000 vendor post-terminals and 15-17 bank machines. Alpha Bank also announced concluding agreements with other banks for joint usage of bank machines, copying the successful practice of Greek banks.

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