Friday, March 30, 2007

Ideology, which the FYROM state is based on, is crumbling away: Bulgarians from Macedonia

Delegates from Macedonia participated for the first time in a congress of the VMRO-BND, held last weekend. A reporter of FOCUS News Agency spoke with two of them – Save Dimitrieski from the town of Kicevo and Drasko Neseski from the town of Prilep. Dimitrieski and Neseski are members of the VMRO and say for themselves that they are Bulgarians.
‘The state Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia is in serious crisis. Because the ideology this country is based on, the Macedonism, i.e. the story that they are ancestors of Aleksandar of Macedon and that all Bulgarian national revivals are in fact Macedonians is false and is now crumbling away. This gives ground for bad political and economical decisions. This is why the situation is now difficult for both the people with Bulgarian and Macedonian self-awareness. Things are easy only for those, who are in the Government now’, Drasko Neseski.
Among the biggest problems, Nenseki noted, is the fact that Albanians are developing more and more each day – economically and demographically and even territorially.
‘The people who act as if they were Macedonists, cannot see that Albanians are developing more and more. Only we, Bulgarians, see this and Bulgaria should clearly say that Macedonism is bad mostly for Bulgaria, because in a certain period of time the Albanians may reach the town of Kyustendil and we have to stop this Albanism’, Neseski said. He believes that Albanism is a result from Macedoniam.
‘Bulgatia’s first task is to stop the spreading of Macedonism.’, he added.

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