Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Computerization of the Schools in Macedonia

With the tender for procurement of 100.000 PCs for primary and secondary schools in Macedonia, published on March 13, 2007, the Government launched the “Computer for every child” campaign. The PCs will be allocated and paid at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008.

The other 50.000 PCs will be paid from the budget of 2009, when this campaign is expected to be finalized. The finances are provided by the budget and the country will not raise credits. The aim of the campaign is to enable pupils to learn using computers, and to allow teachers to convey knowledge using modern methods.

“In the last quarter of 2007 we expect commencing of installation of about 40.000 PCs. In January, February and March additional 60.000 PCs will be installed, while about 50.000 PCs will be installed in 2009,” noted Nikola Gruevski at the press conference in the Government.

Installation will start in secondary schools at the end of this year, the second stage will continue in the primary schools from fifth to eights grade, while the third stage will cover the primary schools from first to fourth grade. The computers will have LCD display that will protect the pupils from radiation, and will be secured from stealing since they will be unusable outside the schools. The teachers will be trained to use the computers. Tender for procurement of stronger PCs for the new faculties in Shtip and Bitola is expected to be published these days.

The Government also promoted the project for building at least 100 new schools, and is waiting for the mayors to express their needs for new school facilities. The Government’s participation in the project will be from 5% to 10%, while the ret is expected to be covered by the private sector.

The third project that was promoted by the Government is building of about 100 sport halls in the schools and the European Bank for Development to approve the elaborate submitted by the Ministry of education and science.

The credit for the sport halls is expected to be about 40 million euros. The Government will request a credit for expanding and reconstruction of Macedonian prisons.

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