Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seized drugs worth 4 million Euro destroyed

Various drugs and narcotics worth 4 million Euro used as evidence in trials Monday were destroyed in Makstil steel plant. The drug burning was supervised by the commission including members of the Interior and Justice Ministries and court officials. Also PM Nikola Gruevski, government's ministers and representatives of the diplomatic corps attended the operation.

Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska after drug burning operation said that 150 kilos of hashish, 250 kilos of marijuana, 80 kilos of heroin, 30.000 ecstasy pills and 16 kilos of cocaine amounting to 4 million Euro at the black market were seized.

She said that half a ton of cocaine, which was seized in Blace, will be destroyed transparently after finishing of the trial procedure. Interior Ministry continues with the activities in regard to the investigation of this case.

She announced that a meeting will be held soon organised by SECI which will gather representatives of the Macedonian Interior Ministry and institutions of the neighbouring countries and will debate the possibilities for more efficient fight against illicit drug trafficking.

In regard to arrested judges in Veles and Kocani, Minister Jankuloska said that criminal charges have been filed and based on this investigative judge pronounced a pre-trial confinement.

Regarding the eavesdropping device found at ESM-EVN office in Bitola, Jankuloska said that this will be processed through private suit.

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