Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Crvenkovski made the threats while under the influence of alcohol and cocaine

Skopje. “I won’t bring a charge against the President Branko Crvenkovski because I think he is crazy. He suffers from hallucinations while he is under the influence of alcohol and cocaine”, Menduh Taci, MP from the Democratic Party of Albanians /DPA/ said in the Parliament on Wednesday, FOCUS News Agency’s correspondent in Skopje, Dejan Nikolovski reported.
“Branko Crvenkovski made the threats while he was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. For two or three days already I have been trying to explain to citizens and especially to the members of DPA and my family that obviously the man is out of his reason and no one should take him seriously”, DPA’s deputy leader stated.
Taci claims that Crvenkovski made the following threat to him: “I will exterminate his whole family together with his dog and cat."
Another member of DPA, Refet Elmazi said he met with the chief of the Intelligence Agency, Kire Naumov as he had also been threatened by Macedonia’s President.
“Naumov was surprised to hear about Crvenkovski’s threat”, Macedonia’s Deputy Interior Minister Elmazi said.
According to the two DPA members, the Interior Ministry has been informed of the threats and will take the necessary measures.

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