Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two Skopje's municipalities stripped of construction works competencies

Ministry of Transportation and Communication decided to abolish competencies relating construction works to two of the Skopje's municipalities - Center and Kisela Voda.

The Ministry explained that the move came after State Construction Inspectorate's findings of municipalities' involvement in illegal activities.

The Inspectorate established a number of irregularities in implementation of city planning designs as well as failure of taking action by the construction inspection and the urban police.

Pursuant to the decision, the competencies relating construction works and inspection supervision on buildings belonging to third, fourth and fifth category, as prescribed in the Law on Physical and City Planning, the announcement explains.

As of today, the Ministry of Transportation and Communication will be in charge of executing responsibilities on the behalf of the municipalities.

The Ministry also said that the State Inspectorate has already filed reports to the Interior Ministry and the Public Prosecution Office on all wrongdoings established during monitoring of municipalities' activities.

By this decision, the Ministry of Transportation confirms its firm and steadfast commitment for putting the operations relating construction and city planning into order, the announcement concludes.

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