Sunday, March 11, 2007

Does anyone from Sofia want to ban maps of Bulgaria of San Stefano?

Skopje. “History should not change under pressure. Does anyone from Sofia want to withdraw the maps of Bulgaria of San Stefano”, the Macedonian newspaper Vreme writes on its first page.
The reason for the article is a statement by Macedonian journalists, who said that the maps of ancient Macedonia had been removed from the Military Museum in Skopje under the pressure of Greece. The newspaper cites employees of the Museum of History in Skopje as saying that neither the ancient maps of Macedonia, nor the contemporary maps since the time of the Balkan wars will be removed.
The Vreme quotes the newly-appointed director of the Museum of Macedonia, Meri Anicin – Pejovska and focuses on the words of Todor Cepreganov, director of the Institute of History. Pejovska said that if Greece had insisted on the removal of the maps, its demands were “whims which didn’t deserve to be commented”.
Todor Cepreganov expressed an even more extreme view: “Why no one has demanded from Bulgaria to remove the maps showing the borders of the country according to the Treaty of San Stefano, or from Albania to remove the maps of Great Albania. Tomorrow they may demand that we should change the textbooks in history or may order us what to exhibit at museums’.
Macedonian historians think that it is high time that Macedonian politicians took up to solving disputable issues and defended the interests of the country.

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