Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weapon cache found in Skopje's nearby village

Police officers ran into a weapon cache while tracking down fugitive gunmen who had injured severely an inhabitant of the Skopje's nearby village of Singjelic.

The drive-by shooting incident took place Tuesday afternoon, the police announced.

Three attackers opened fire at four persons that were standing outside a house in Singjelic. R.O., 27, had sustained heavy injuries and was rushed to the Skopje City Hospital, the announcement adds.

A police team inspected the site of the incident and set out an operation for tracking down the attackers, which led them to a weapons cache containing three machine guns, rocket launcher and ammunition.

The weapons were found buried in a field in Singjelic area stashed in a bag and a rucksack.

Police is still after the perpetrators.

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