Sunday, March 11, 2007

Macedonia pays respect to late President Trajkovski

A series of ceremonious events dedicated to Third anniversary of the President Boris Trajkovski's death are under way in Macedonia and at the crash site near Mostar.

A delegation of the Macedonian Government laid flowers today at the graves of the President Trajkovski, six state officials and two crew members which died in the plane crash today three years ago.

Macedonian state delegation, led by the Deputy Parliament Speaker, Ivan Atanasovski, accompanied by a Bosnian delegation, are scheduled to lay wreaths this afternoon at the monument placed at the air crash site at Matic Brdo locality near Mostar.

The Second International Political Forum was held in Skopje today in the framework of the anniversary marking, which was attended by numerous politicians, businessmen and religious leaders from Macedonia and abroad.

The patron of the Forum, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, said in his address "we all have to continue the mission of the late President Boris Trajkovski, which is a quest for common well-being".

"President Boris Trajkovski sent at the time a message to the nations that the dialogue is the only way to achieve living together in peace and understanding", Gruevski said.

Members of the Macedonian Cabinet and former foreign leaders recalled their experiences while working with President Trajkovski.

Speaking about his meetings with Trajkovski, the Albanian President, Alfred Mojsiu, pointed out at the respecting of the identity and the views they shared, which coincide with the commitments of the great European family.

The former Bulgarian President, Petar Stojanov, said that Trajkovski was a great leader, which he demonstrated clearly in the period of armed conflict in Macedonia.

"Trajkovski proved his leadership not only by words, but by his actions. He established contacts with all leaders in Macedonia, regardless of their political, ethnic or religious belonging", Stojanov said.

The former Head of State, Boris Trajkovski, was killed on 26 February, 2007 in a plane crash in the vicinity of Mostar.

Six members of the state delegation - Boris Velinov, Anita Krishan-Lozanovska, Dimka Ilkova Boshkovic, Mile Krstevski, Risto Blazevski, Ace Bozinovski and the two pilots - Marko Markovski and Branko Ivanovski, also died in the accident.

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