Monday, March 26, 2007

No alternative to success in name issue

Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki stated Sunday in Tetovo that Macedonia is a country with a clear perspective, and the question is not whether Macedonia would become European Union member, but rather when.

"Macedonia is a country that has a clear perspective. If we are committed to the work, we can soon expect a recommendation for beginning of accession talks in 2008. Of course, this will depend on ourselves and how much we can adjust our system and improve it, so that we have a functional market economy and a democracy sustainable within EU", said Milososki.

Pertaining to the use of the country's constitutional name and the dispute with Greece, Milososki stated that nobody in Macedonia had the intention to make any concessions related to the international promotion of the constituional name.

"We do not have any other alternative than success in this dispute. The fact itself that Macedonia is recognized by 114 countries worldwide under its constitutional name, including three UN Security Council members - China, Russia and USA - is an indicator who is winning the battle", underlined Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki during his visit to Tetovo.

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