Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tetovo court upholds prison sentence for Nuhiu

The five-member Trial Chamber at the Tetovo District Court upheld the six-year prison sentence for Burhamedin Nuhiu, who was found guilty of attempted murder.

Tetovo's court passed the initial verdict for Nuhiu (41) in absentia on 31 May 2004.

The incident occurred on 29 August 2003 in Poroj, where Nuhiu fired seven bullets from an automatic rifle on a car. Aleksandar Andonovski, Zarko Raicevic and Zoran Ristosvki were aboard the car when the shooting took place. Andonovski suffered severe injuries on the face.

Nuhiu was not present at the first trial and was sentenced to jail in absentia. He was apprehended on 31 January 2005 and demanded a re-trial.

Furthermore, legal proceedings are underway in Skopje District Court, where Nuhiu stands a trial for killing a teen Vanco Josifovski in October 2002 near the city stadium in downtown Tetovo.

Nuhiu faces another trial in Tetovo's court for attempted murder. He is charged with attempted murder of two police inspectors in Poroj in October 2004.

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