Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bitola police officer dies after shot in head

Milojko Bochvanoski, 45, employed in Bitola's Police, who was found shot in the head this morning, has succumbed to the injuries this afternoon, Makfax's correspondent reported.

After receiving a call from a citizen, the Emergency Medical Unit rushed to Bitola's outskirts where they found blood-covered Bochvanoski seating in his car.

His police gun was found lying next to him. Unconscious, but still alive, Bocvhvanoski was ferried to the Bitola Clinical Center, where he passed away this afternoon.

The preliminary findings suggested that Bochvanovski committed suicide, nevertheless, an investigative judge ordered autopsy of the dead policeman's body.

Milojko had been Chief of the Police Precinct at Medzitlija border crossing until last October, when he was transferred to Bitola's branch office of the Interior Ministry to the post of independent analyst.

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