Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Macedonia expects NATO invitation and EU entry talks in 2008

Macedonia expects to get an invitation to NATO membership and starting date for EU entry talks in 2008, Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski told Polish news agency PAP.

"We expect NATO membership invitation along with Croatia and Albania - the so-called Adriatic Group members - next year. Furthermore, we also expect to be given a starting date for EU accession negotiations next year, as there is no other alternative for Macedonia," Crvenkovski said.

"We still have some inner political-transitional problems, particularly between the government and the opposition, but most important is that the citizens of Macedonia pledge a full support to country's integration into Euro-Atlantic community.

As regards the Kosovo status issue and the eventual impact on Macedonia, Crvenkovski said the quality of the interethnic relations holds a key to Macedonia's stability.

"The stability of the Republic of Macedonia does not depend on the future status of Kosovo but on the quality of interethnic relations in our country. Thus, Macedonia is neither part of the issue nor part of solution to the future status of Kosovo," Crvenkovski said.

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