Sunday, May 20, 2007

REK Bitola's former executives get seven-year jail sentence

The former executives of thermal power plant REK Bitola have been sentenced to a total of seven years in prison, as the court found them guilty of "abuse of power" and "bribery", Makfax correspondent reported.

Bitola District Court has sentenced Vlado Sugareski, the former director of REK Bitola, to four-year-and-six-month imprisonment. Vlatko Kocinski, the former commercial director of REK Bitola, has been sentenced to two-year-and-six-month imprisonment.

In the period of 1999-2002, Sugareski and Kocinski had breached the law on public procurement on several occasions. They signed contracts with "Sokol i Elen" company for waste rock excavations although they knew that the company was insolvent.

Mishko Milenkovski, the owner of "Sokol i Elen", who was sentenced to one-year-and-six-month imprisonment on bribery charges, gave Sugareski an Audi-A4, worth 1 million denars.

Sugareski, who was VMRO-DPMNE's Representative in parliament in the period of 1999-2002, was using REK Bitola's vehicle although he took bonus from the parliament as if he had driven his own car. Thus, he inflicted 380.000 denars loss to state budget.

The verdicts for the three defendants wrap up the three-year investigation and two-year trial.

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Anonymous said...

Today's executive Konjanovski is following the traces of Sugarovski...It is a matter of time when he will be joining him in jail.It's a pity VMRO didn't learn anything from theirs mistakes.