Saturday, June 09, 2007

ARM assumes NATO's logistics for Kosovo

The Army of The Republic of Macedonia (ARM) today will take-over from NATO's Camp Able Sentry (CAS) in Petrovec the logistic support for the mission in Kosovo KFOR.

The task will be conducted by the working cell - the Host Nation Support Coordination Center - based in Straso Pindjur Barracks in Petrovec.

In April 2006 at the NATO HQs at Camp Able Sentry (CAS) NATO Headquarters Skopje transferred a central part of their longstanding responsibilities for logistics support for the mission in Kosovo (KFOR) to the logistics command of the ARM.

Almost two years ago the ARM began providing soldiers to NATO Skopje as part of the logistics cell. This began a training process to develop the ARM logistics command to assume portions of this NATO mission and to prepare them to be greater parts of NATO missions elsewhere when needed.

The assumption of the logistics operation for Kosovo is a major step in defining ARM's maturity and capability of participating in missions and performing major NATO support tasks.

The task of the HNSCC will include monitoring of logistics operations in coordination with KFRO troops, monitoring of communications in operations in the region and convoys passing through Macedonia, coordination of customs and border procedures, coordination and management of military flights etc.

Among those expected to attend today's ceremony will be Macedonian Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski, ARM Chief of Staff, Major General Miroslav Stojanovski, and NATO Headquarters Skopje Commander and Senior Military Representative, Brigadier General John Durance.

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