Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ethnos: Name dispute puts Athens in awkward position

Athens is in awkward position regarding the name dispute with Macedonia after Skopje won a "confidence vote" from NATO and Washington, Greek daily Ethnos said on Tuesday.

One of the most important messages to support Macedonia will occur on 28-29 June in Ohrid, during the meeting of NATO defense and interior ministers, Greek daily said.

The Ohrid meeting will put Athens in difficult position because it will demonstrate NATO's commitment to overlook the problems in relations between Greece and Macedonia, in order to secure Macedonia's NATO membership.

According to Ethnos, Athens has not yet decided who will represent the country in Ohrid. Greek delegation will be put in awkward position simply because the country's name will be used by the host country.

On the other hand, if Greece doesn't attend the meeting, it will be a major blow on constructive stance of Greece's foreign policy, Ethnos daily said.

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