Thursday, June 07, 2007

US and EU hailed agreement between VMRO DPMNE and DUI

EU and USA hailed the agreement resulting from the political dialogue between VMRO DPMNE and DUI and expressed hopes of quick returning of DUI to the parliament.

"EU Mission in Macedonia and the US Embassy in Skopje are welcoming the agreement reached between the parties VMRO DPMNE and DUI as an important step forward in the country's processes of integration with EU and NATO", says the joint statement released Tuesday afternoon in Skopje.

At the same time, EU and USA emphasized the need of implementation of the agreed stances by both parties and called DUI to return to the parliament.

"We expect DUI to return to the parliament as soon as possible in order to resume the activities aimed at implementation of the crucial reforms related to membership in EU and NATO, including the full implementation of the Framework Agreement", the statement adds.

The international community also pointed out that "the stabile democratic institutions and the permanent political dialogue among all political parties within those institutions pose as the most efficient way for securing continuous progress on the country's road to EU and NATO".

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