Thursday, June 14, 2007

Macedonia marks increase in number of marriages, divorces decline

Last year, Macedonia saw the largest number of concluded marriages in the last ten years as well as decline in the number of divorces, showed the latest data of the Macedonian State Statistical Office.

As many as 14.908 couples were married last year, which marks 2.8 percent increase compared to 2005, with permanent increasing trend stretching over the past decade.

As expected, the first-time marriages are the most frequent with women accounting for 92.3 percent and man with 89.9 percent.

As many as 9.3 of all the women that concluded marriages last year entered wedlock for the second-time, while the men take up 7.4 percent in this category.

The average age of women that got married last year ranges 20-24 (39.9 of the total number) whereas the average age of men ranges 25-29 years (37.4 percent).

As many as 1.475 divorces were registered last year. In 2005, 1.552 marriages were terminated compared with 1.645 in 2004.

The average age of women that terminated their marriages in 2006 is 25-29 years, i.e. 40-49 years in men.

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