Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tycoon Smilenski extradited to Macedonia

The shady Macedonian businessman Metodija Smilenski has been extradited to Macedonia this afternoon after one-year detention at Belgrade's facility.

He has been handed over to the Macedonian Police a short while ago at the Tabanovce border crossing, pending transfer to the investigative prison in Shutka, Makfax's reporter informed.

The tycoon's extradition came after Serbian justice minister endorsed the decision for handing over today, just a day before the expiration of the legal deadline of the pre-extradition detention.

Smilenski is wanted by the Macedonian authorities for embezzling about 60 million euros of state funds.

One of his outstanding financial frauds refers to bankruptcy of his Export-Import Bank, which inflicted 20 million euros of damages to the State Budget.

Accusations against Smilenski and the ex-President of the National Bank of Macedonia Ljube Trpevski of being responsible for the bank's bust are accepted by many in Macedonia.

Allegations against Smilenski include a large number of financial frauds, money laundering, and recently Macedonian businessman Risto Gushterov won a lawsuit against him, involving frauds amounting to millions of euros.

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