Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Macedonian media: Balkans to join NATO, Kosovo independence in sight

Balkans will join NATO, Kosovo will become independent - these are the headlines of news reports in Macedonia following the US President George Bush's visit to Albania.

Dnevnik daily says the White House and President Bush is the greatest friend of Adriatic Group members - Macedonia, Albania and Croatia. The daily says the key messages of the US president referred to the future status of Kosovo, which according to Bush, is on the road to independence.

Vreme daily says Bush pledged full support to NATO membership of the Adriatic Group members, but he made it clear that the countries must do their homework.

Utrinski Vesnik daily focuses on Bush's message over Kosovo, saying it’s high time to wrap up the Kosovo issue.

The paper says there are certain objections to hasty status settlement, in particular Russia's opposition to any quick fix of Kosovo issue. However, Bush made it clear in Tirana that at some point in time - sooner rather than later - Kosovo will become independent.

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