Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sarkozy's election victory won't change policy towards Macedonia

The election of Nicholas Sarkozy as President will not change the foreign policy of France in respect to Macedonia, which belongs in EU and NATO.

The French Ambassador to Macedonia, Bernard Valero, said this today in Ohrid, Makfax's correspondent reported.

"A country like France has no intention to shift its foreign policy every five years. France is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, fifth-ranked country in the world in terms of economic power, founder-country of EU. Having this in mind, it becomes clear that we won't change the principles and directions of our policy on a weekly basis", Ambassador Valero said.

Macedonia belongs in EU and NATO, adding that the membership in EU alone, implies double responsibility.

"Part of the responsibility falls on EU members, which need to strengthen the European House, and find solutions on all challenges relating the institutional reforms, while the responsibility of the Macedonian authorities is to see that reforms are implemented completely", Valero said.

"France has always been and remains on Macedonian side to help the country on its way to EU. That is exactly the direction of our bilateral policy we are exercising on a daily basis", the French Ambassador said.

The Ambassador pointed out that the entrance of Société Générale in Ohridska Banka serves as a positive signal to other big investors to come and invest in Macedonia.

During his working visit to Ohrid, the French Ambassador paid a visit to Ohridska Banka, and held talks with Ohrid Mayor Aleksandar Petreski, focusing on stepping up the cooperation aimed at attracting more French tourists in Ohrid.

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