Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Robbers snatch €120,000 from Macedonia casino, kidnap manager

SKOPJE, Macedonia-Masked gunmen snatched some €120,000 (US$162,500) from a casino at Skopje's Alexandar Palace hotel Monday after kidnapping the casino's manager, police said.

"Two or three persons entered the casino this morning and managed to get away with the money," police spokesman Ivo Kotevski said.

Kotevski said the robbery occurred after two gunmen kidnapped the casino manager Bobi Delcev, 42, outside his home in downtown Skopje.

"The abductors tied him up and placed him in the trunk of his car, after forcing the manager to hand them the keys to the casino," he said.

The manager was later freed unharmed by police.

Police said the robbers disabled security cameras and tied up two women in the hotel before escaping with the money.

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