Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Atlantic Group" buys "Viciski Commerce"

Leading European manufacturer of food for athletes and vitaminized drinks "Atlantic Group" from Croatia on Monday announced acquisition in Macedonia, reports Makfax.

"Atlantic Group" bought Skopje company "Viciski Commerce", one of leading distributors on the Macedonian market.

"Atlantic Group" also is a prominent regional producer of cosmetics and personal care products, and is considered to be the leading distributor of consumer goods in Southeast Europe.

The new company in Macedonia will be named "Atlantic trade Skopje", and before the end of the year growth of turnover is planned for 20 per cent, as well as widening the range with at least six renowned world distributors.

"Atlantic Group" has 1.400 employees in several countries, owns over 30.000 selling points in the region, where it distributes world brands of consumer goods.

"Viciski Commerce" is leading Macedonian distributor of cosmetic brands and make-ups and represents many famous world brands of decorative and preparation cosmetics.

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