Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Leka again freed of charges for aiding murder of baby

Parliament member Daut Rexepi-Leka, in the repeated court procedure, was again freed of charges for aiding in a murder of baby.

Tetovo's Court on Wednesday acquitted Daut Rexepi from Poroj and the primary charged Zorica Janackova from Stip, due to lack of evidence, as Makfax reports.

Janackova was accused of killing a baby of a Moldavian citizen, and Rexepi was accused of aiding the perpetrator.

The mother of the baby and the primary charged were working in the bar "Aurora" in Neprosteno, owned by Leka.

According to the prosecution act, the mother, Moldavian citizen Chernad, on 18 November 2000, gave birth to a male child, but asked Janackova to get rid of the baby, in order to continue to work as a dancer.

Janackova, according to the prosecution, left the one day old baby in a cardboard box on the locality Neprostenska Jurija, whereas Leka also aided her.

On the first trial in April 2001, the Moldavian citizen was found guilty and sentenced to 8 months in prison, while Janackova and Leka were acquitted.

The prosecution announced complaints to this second sentence.

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