Thursday, July 19, 2007

Defendants in Army Weapons case get cumulative sentence of 13 years in prison

Skopje District Court sentenced to a total of 13 years imprisonment four of the defendants in the Army Weapons case, and pronounced suspended sentences to the remaining four co-defendants.

The Trial Chamber Presided by judge Pavlina Hristova pronounced the verdicts, including four-year prison term to both Nelko Menkinovski, the former head of the logistics sector, and to Viktor Raichki, the former advisor on the logistics sector with the defense ministry, Macedonian Television reported.

Ilija Shkodrovski, a high-ranking officer in the ARM General Staff got three years, while Gligor Stojanov, the head of the MZT Repair Shop will serve two years in prison.

Suspended sentences were pronounced to Vladimir Lazarov, commander of ARM's WING, to Blazho Kopachev, high-ranking officer of the ARM General Staff, to Mitko Rafajlovski, the head of the procurement department with ARM General Staff, and to Toni Popovski, the head of the Veles-based training headquarter command.

The last four got three-year suspended sentence each.

According to the indictment, the convicts have damaged the state budget by $690.000 by selling out the arms by a fraction of the actual price to the Bulgarian Company Emko.

The defense lawyers announced to appeal the verdicts.

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